Emile Tubiana

  • Emile Tubiana

Emile Tubiana

« C’est ma destinée qui a voulu me conduire et me forger, afin que je découvre les valeurs de nos ancêtres et de l’amour. Sans cette destinée je serais comme une bougie sans la flamme qui nous éclaire et qui nous anime, je serais sans aucun sentiment, tout simplement un corps sans âme. »

Childhood impressions last a lifetime. My fellow human beings, I may not know your names, but you are the seeds of this same earth. I will unconditionally love you. You may ask me what brought me where I am now. I would tell you that it was my destiny which guided me through necessity. Without this destiny and an aim I would be like a candle without the flame, which lifts us up and blesses us with insight.


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