Emile Tubiana

  • Emile Tubiana

Posted by Emile Tubiana on September 14, 2011


Forge your destiny as long as you can run
Until your dreams dissipate in the sun
Save your dignity and look for insight
As this is your own source of light

Your knowledge will not fade away
As long as you stay active day-by-day.
You are what you want and what you can be
On land, in the air and at sea

Shaping your life should be your endeavor
As it may retain some qualities forever
Life, the ultimate reality, is anchored in you
But those who unveil it are rare and few.

What you read and experience is meant for you
Don’t look at what others understand and do
As they have a totally different affinity.
What may guide you counts on your ability

 Copyright  2010 Emile Tubiana


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