Emile Tubiana

  • Emile Tubiana

Politics and Faith do not Mix

Posted by Emile Tubiana on December 21, 2010


Politics and Faith do not Mix

A few TV stations brought up the subject of Jesus.
Without mentioning any name or channel –
When it comes to religion, I don’t like
The way people talk, especially during the time before Christmas

Jesus is neither a left man nor a right man
Jesus is neither a Christian nor a Jew

Jesus was prepared for millions of years
Before he came to this earth
To help human beings in their misery
As he saw that people were losing their path

Those who are destined to know him
Will know that what distinguishes him
From all other spiritual helpers who came at different times
Is his immense power of Love, which guides
And elevates all those who follow him
To a spiritual state of goodness and grace

I will take only one position
In reference to the rich and the poor
Both sides are necessary for life to flourish
For people to aspire to do better

There is no society in which there are no differences
In wealth, in position, in power – it’s just called by different names

I’m asking everyone to think about this
In which society human beings would prefer to live?
Being poor among the poor – with no hope of improvement
Or poor among the rich with the opportunity to become like them

Wealth brings greater responsibility for those who are worthy of it
While poverty is not a shame and has driven many to great achievements
Honesty and love in the heart is the key to understanding
Who Jesus is

Copyright 2010 Emile Tubiana



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