Emile Tubiana

  • Emile Tubiana

Grains of Truth

Posted by Emile Tubiana on December 18, 2010


Grains of Truth

There are grains of truth in every religion
Which have been altered to fit the others’ vision
The ancient sages who wrote the holy text
Were not expecting what happened to it next
They just wanted to transmit certain truths
To those who were seeking them, old and youths
And allow those of their nation who were asleep
To awaken and find themselves, going deep.
However those who came later had no qualm
Changing the text, they did not lose their calm
They were sure what they did was a good thing
As it would serve their ways, they were figuring
Their intentions may have been sincere
But the essential failed to be clear
That the slightest change in the words, or their length
Would make them lose their meaning and strength
Which the old sages wanted to transmit
And to their generation tried to commit.
What was added later changed the way we perceive
What through these old messages we receive.
Today everyone holds on to the text he knows
From his parents, as the most precious prose
Carrying the sole and pure verity
This is why I must say in all sincerity
Do not argue with those of different belief
Even if you may feel this as a relief
The one who argues and the one who hears him out
Have learned these words year in year out
This is why we must respect others’ opinion
And over ourselves maintain dominion
By keeping silence and calm in our heart
And building our happiness as an art.

Copyright 2010 Emile Tubiana



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