Emile Tubiana

  • Emile Tubiana


Posted by Emile Tubiana on October 30, 2010



Numerous are those who think, forever lost
The truth of their childhood that time has tossed
It does not matter; daily life gives us bits of truth
That help us find what we lost from our youth.

We forget a friend’s face, life provides new faces
The atmosphere differs, as we are in new places.
Today we speak of our past, tomorrow of today.
Each day has its truth; new events come into play

Each moment brings out some of our innermost
A banal event, sounds of rain, or wind on the coast
Bring out nostalgia, melancholy, sadness or longing
Which are a state of truth, of grace, or of belonging

Those with no feelings miss the truth, which is shy
At times when we cry and we can’t explain why,
We cry for our youth, a beloved one, or our good
Many years later the reason will be understood.

Copyright 2010 Emile Tubiana



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