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President Obama’s Speech on Ramadan

Posted by Emile Tubiana on August 17, 2010

President Obama’s Speech on Ramadan

President Obama is always speaking condescendingly to us, like a professor, and not like a president.  Mr. President, with all respect to university teaching, this teaching does not cover the wisdom of life.  I mentioned in my book that my mother didn’t go to any university, but what she taught us surpassed by far what we learned in the universities.  She taught us the meaning of love and charity, respect and consideration for our fellow human beings.  She used to say, ”in life there are only the feelings of our heart and the actions, which count.”

The American people are not in your school. And if you want to teach us the freedom of religion why didn’t you use this opportunity to send a message to the Muslim world that if they want coexistence, they should first respect the dead people, who were massacred, their families, their friends, and their fellow citizen. You should have told them that it is against our rule of law to mistreat women and to kill a girl because she is dating.  You have a lot of teaching do to the Muslim world, starting with those who live with us in the United States.

In his speech President Obama said : “diversity can bring difficult debates. Indeed, past eras have seen controversies about the construction of synagogues or Catholic churches.” No one is against diversity and everyone knows that the freedom of religion is widely exercised in the United States. Is there any lack of all kind of houses of worship of any religion? Since we are talking about Islam, there are mosques everywhere in the United States. In the five boroughs of New York alone there are 100 mosques.  There was no problem of the kind.

The advocates of the so called “Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center” complex,  even if it is meant  “for coexistence” are missing the point they intend to make. They are achieving the opposite, as this project is only stirring bad memories, besides reminding us of the Twin Towers massacre, which was executed precisely by Muslims.

I am wondering why we don’t hear the voices of those United States Muslims who are sensitive to the plight of New Yorkers and of those whose lives were forever touched by the events of nine/eleven.  As you said it, “our patchwork heritage is a strength.” Mr. President, this was never the question.

It is unwise from the part of the president to focus on the legality of the project while disregarding the sensitivity of his constituents.  Doesn’t Obama represent the population of the entire country?  Those who lost their lives were blindly massacred without any cause, just because they happened to be in New York, both Americans and from other nations. The President’s speech is not only detrimental to the unity of Americans, but also to Muslims of all nations, and especially to the majority of American Muslims who could be embarrassed. The writer of this article grew up among Muslims Arabs and Bedouins has learned early on that respect and consideration for others are the foundation of society.

Mr. President, we know that, as a law professor and community organizer you are mostly motivated to advocate for civil rights. America means less for you than what you want us to believe.  Your speech in the White House can only divide us and does not add anything positive to a wounded nation.   My only hope is that the American people, be they from the left, from the right or independent, may not forget that they are first and foremost Americans.

Copyright 2010, Emile Tubiana

Link to President Obama’s Speech below



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