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Netanyahu Is Right to Be Ambiguous

Posted by Emile Tubiana on July 7, 2010

Netanyahu Is Right to Be Ambiguous

If Obama had followed the recent wars in 2006 and in 2008, the Hezbollah-Israel Lebanon War in the north and the Hamas-Israel Gaza War in the south-west of Israel, he would have realized that no one tried to stop Hamas from launching rockets on the Israeli population, every day, for 8 consecutive years. If the US administration had counted the number of rockets falling on Israel from those two surrogates of Iran, it may have started to understand the Israelis and Netanyahu’s logic, which dictates, that Israel cannot possibly afford to have a third enemy in the east at barely a few miles from Israel’s major cities.

The truth is, that the larger part of the Israeli population has enough and does not trust anymore those two enemies, which are guided, instructed, supplied weapons, money, and training, and incited by Iran and by their religious movement. Israel does not want a fake peace. For peace to endure, the West Bank must be demilitarized and the Jordan Valley must be controlled by Israel. Even now, while I am writing these words, rockets are falling on Israel every day, launched by Hamas from the Gaza Strip.

The American officials should know well, that in September 1970, in the midst of the Jordanian civil war with the Palestinians, Syria conducted an armored incursion into northern Jordan. The United States had then encouraged, just as not to say ordered, the Israelis to intervene and to save King Hussein from a potential Syrian onslaught, as the Americans needed more time to intervene themselves.

I mentioned this historical event for the attention of does who do not know the meaning of having a great ally like Israel. Even the Saudis were happy to see the Israeli army weakening the Hamas. Maybe Obama does not know about this, as this information was classified until now, and he was barely nine years old at the time. I believe that Obama should apologize to our ally Israel, as he apologized to so many foreign dignitaries, just out of respect for the American Jewish people, who helped him be elected as president, and not to listen to those who are telling him that Israel is not helping the United States. I believe the Israelis should make public the help that they are currently providing to the US in order to counter those who do not appreciate the value of our friend and ally Israel. \

We should understand that no peace can be achieved without the will of our ally Israel. If Israel could save Jordan from Syria, it is due to the IDF who could quickly reach the Jordan Valley and react swiftly. I don’t believe that a good strategic planner, be he an American or Israeli general, would give up such a strategic position like the Jordan Valley. Israel has no interest to and will not abandon the West Bank or the Jordan Valley, leaving its back exposed, just to please our president.

Before 1921, Palestine was including Jordan of today with 34,445 square miles, Israel of today with 8,019 square miles, the West Bank of today with 2,165 square miles, and Gaza of today with 140 square miles. In 1921, the Emir Abdullah, one of the last Sharifs of Mecca, received from the British the oriental part of “Palestine”. This part is not called Palestine anymore; it was renamed “the Kingdom of Jordan.” This was the simple way to erase the trace which historically linked this territory to the name of Palestine.

Do you call this justice? Jordan received 76.94% of Palestine and Israel was left with 8,019 square miles which is 17.91% of the Palestine, which was 100%. Before this date, no one could find in history the name of “The Kingdom of Jordan”. I guess this was smart, and without any resolution or war, a large part of Palestine was amputated. It became a fait accompli, the British didn’t find it necessary to consult the Jewish communities which lived in Palestine under the British mandate at that time, or the Jewish population in the United States and in Europe. Until now, no one questioned or challenged this fact. Israel has already given up this part, with its signature of the peace treaty with the Kingdom of Jordan. The Christians knew well that the Jews were the heirs of Jerusalem. Now you understand why Netanyahu is ambiguous.

In spite of the good intentions President Obama may have with regards to Israel, I believe that he should not undermine or underestimate the talent, the intelligence and the capabilities of the Israelis and the Jewish people. America needs Israel and needs the Jewish people. The Obama Administration is better off speaking with Israel as a friend and not giving orders or instructions like an enemy. Mr. President, since World War II, the Israelis and many Jews who passed the war, be it in Europe or in Israel, are no longer submissive like the Jews used to be before that war and other wars. They demand respect, consideration and appreciation. The writer of these lines knows the Middle East and North Africa very well and he speaks their language.

Copyright 2010 Emile Tubiana


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