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Understanding The Reason For The Blockade

Posted by Emile Tubiana on June 9, 2010

Understanding The Reason For The Blockade

In 1921, Emir Abdullah, one of the last Sharifs of Mecca, received from the British the oriental part of “Palestine”. This part is not called Palestine anymore; it was renamed “the Kingdom of Jordan.” This was the simplest way to erase the trace, which historically lead to the name of Palestine.

Before this date, no one could find the name of “the Kingdom of Jordan” in history. I guess this was smart, and without any resolution or war, a large part of Palestine was amputated. It was a fait accompli; the British didn’t find it necessary to consult with the Jewish communities which lived at that time in Palestine, under the British mandate.

Until now, no one questioned or challenged this fact. Israel has already given up this part, with its signature of the peace treaty with the Kingdom of Jordan.  The Christians knew well that the Jews were the heirs of the entire Palestine, which the Kingdom of Jordan is part of.

One should understand that in the beginning, Netanyahu’s government didn’t want to agree to a two-state solution, with a good reason. When Sharon gave up the Gaza land, he had in mind that this would be a test and the beginning of a Palestinian state. Instead what happened? Hamas took control of the entire Gaza Strip by force, killing official Palestinian government employees and transforming it into a terrorist base and a launch pad for rockets.

Yes, Netanyahu’s government is right by saying: “How many times the Jews have to divide Palestine?” If Israel will again recognize two states, one Jewish and one Arab, living side by side, this doesn’t add up. Already they have Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, the Kingdom of Jordan, and Gaza, this makes five Arab states, besides, who can guarantee that the West Bank will not be transformed into another terrorist base like Gaza, like the Hezbollah in South Lebanon?

JFK did not accept Soviet rockets in Cuba, which is 228 miles from Miami. It is understandable that the Israelis cannot accept a new terrorist and rocket base just a few miles from their borders. You can see the map and you will understand why Israel cannot allow lifting the blockade.  They had enough with 4000 rockets falling on their children and innocent civilians.
It is a pity that Turkey turned away from Ataturk’s ways. Turkey had a lot of advantages having Israel as a strategic ally. Israel was a faithful ally. Turkey should not have spurned the West or Israel; this is neither credible, nor diplomatic, nor elegant.

As per Asli Aydintasbas, a columnist for the Turkish daily Milliyet, “Turkey is now caught up between the West and the Muslim world, between Islamic solidarity and our place in Europe, as our politicians lead the global jihad against Israel and we sip Cosmopolitans on the Bosporus.”

Is this the choice of the Turkish elite, to turn their back to a great ally like Israel? Is this the challenge they choose? Or a temporary loss of common sense?  Is not Europe the cause of Turkey’s sudden activist involvement? Or the recent rapprochement with Iran and particularly the influence of the inflammatory Ahmadinejad?

I hope that the Turks will soon realize their grave mistake of threatening Israel and will soon extinguish the flame of their error. A good leader should be calm and analyze the entire situation, and not inflaming his people and the world any further.

The Jewish people were never the enemies of Turkey. The opposite is true , as for a long time, even the elite of Israel were always loyal to Turkey. I am confident that this uncalled-for incident will soon be resolved peacefully, as neither side has anything to win by prolonging this incident further. Any UN investigation is to the detriment of both sides.

There will be no need for a blockade, if the Hamas enters into a peace agreement with Israel . Everyone can benefit from such a peace agreement.

Copyright 2010 Emile Tubiana


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